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The US National Garden Bureau has an excellent article on the tomato, its history, classification, and growing culture. The differences between determinant, semi-determinant, and indeterminant are explained. Big Beef and Celebrity (below) are mentioned as examples. They allow redistribution of content, so here is the pdf version: 2011 Year of the Tomato flyer. The original webpage appears to have been removed from their website.

Early Girl

60 days. Early Girl produces bright red, meaty tomatoes with incredible flavor and aroma earlier than other varieties. Its globe-shaped fruit is perfect for slicing on sandwiches and for salads.

Big Boy

78 days. Smooth, deep globe in shape. Fruit is a scarlet red with thick walls and bright read meaty flesh of fine flavour. Large 10--16oz(283--454gr).

Ultra Boy

72 days. Higher early yield than Big Boy. Smooth deep globe, well over 1lb (454gr). Good protection against wilts and blights. Strong, indeterminant plants. Stake or field. vfn.

Ultra Sweet

62 days. First early medium sized beefsteak type with improved TASTEBUD® flavor in the green wrap stage. 10 oz/280 g bright red fruit are very firm. Interior color develops quickly. DF/GS


70 days. An All-America Selection winner (1984) and long-time popular favorite. Celebrity is a superior all-around tomato with fantastic disease resistance. These plants are exceptionally strong, bearing masses of smooth, round, bright red tomatoes (about 20 to a stem). It is classified as semi-determinate - it sets its crop mainly all at once, but offers new fruit for several weeks beyond its harvest time. Weighing about 8 ounces and measuring 4 inches or so in diameter, these tomatoes are very uniform and resistant to cracking. Caging is recommended.

Big Beef

73 days. 10-12 oz. (284-340 g). All-America Selections Classic Variety (1994).`Often considered the finest all-around tomato, Big Beef produces extra large globe-shaped fruit.


80 days. A mouth-watering giant red tomato, Beefmaster Hybrid routinely wins the size award at county fairs and contests. This massive beefsteak-type is not only huge (1 lb or more) but very heavy-bearing, with stunning yields over a long season on indeterminate vines.(stakes or cages recommended)


60 Days. Juliet bears 2” elongated, red, sweet, firm plum shaped tomatoes. Good crack resistance and shelf life. 30-40 gram fruits set 12-18 in clusters on vigorous healthy plants. Great for salads, stir fries, and salsas. AAS winner 1999 Indeterminate.

Super Sweet 100

60 days. Cherry Tomato. Extremely high yields of well rounded, deep red sweet 3/4”-1” fruits that are resistant to cracking. Vigorous indeterminate vine can continue to grow for extended periods of time, so provide good support.

Lemon Boy

72 days. Shocking lemon yellow, deep globe fruit, 7 oz (198 gr). Very productive, mild flavoured. vfn.

Heinz 1439

75 days. Re-introduced variety whih produces a strong determinate, productive, wilt tolerant plants. A good mid-season variety that produces large, firm, globular, red fruits that grow to about 6oz/ 170g. Fine taste and crack resistant. (V.F.)


75 days. Paste Tomato. Tremendous crop of firm, medium-sized plum-shaped tomatoes. vf.

San Marzano

85-90 days. Plum Tomato. 5-6 oz. 4-6 ft fall, indeterminate. These meaty, long plum-type tomatoes are famous for their sweet, complex flavor that creates a fabulous pasta sauce. These are the tomatoes been designated as the only ones that can be used for Vera Pizza Napoletana (True Neapolitan Pizza). You might like the website for myth, history and recipes.

Sweet Million

60 days. Cherry tomato. An improved, disease tolerant version of Sweet 100. Fruit have a tolerance to cracking. Plants should be staked or caged.

Sun Sugar

62 days. Indeterminate. A medium-sized, orange ripening cherry tomato, sought after for its intense sweet flavor. The fruits grow to a bit under an inch wide, with a thin skin that is very crack resistant. Sun Sugar plants fruit in huge quantities, with a single plant often bearing hundreds of fruits in a single season. The fruits have decent storage capabilities, generally lasting off the vine for 1-2 weeks. Plants are vigorous and may grow to 6-7ft, though it will fruit nicely in containers. 3 times higher in Vitamin A than a red cherry.


50-55 days. Experience the taste of Summer with the perfect balance of sweet and acid flavor in these red cherry tomatoes. Early-ripening fruit and high yields mean Helix is perfect for fresh eating. Offers excellent disease resistance, too. Best grown in the ground.


50-55 days. One bite of these super-sweet, rich, red cherry tomatoes will have you craving more. The unique, crisp, firm texture is great in a salad or sauce. Great disease resistance, too! Best grown in the ground.

Yellow Pear

75 days. HEIRLOOM. Extremely old variety a vigorous plant bearing an enormous number of yellow bite-sized fruits. The flavor is deliciously tangy.

Black Kim

80 days. HEIRLOOM. Medium-sized, very dark maroon beefsteak, with wonderfully rich flavor. Originated in Crimea, a peninsula in the Black Sea with perfect "tomato summers". Extremely tasty.


80 days. A heritage variety from the 1920’s. Huge fruit are 10-12 oz/280-340 g, Heart shaped and pinkish-red. Very meaty with a mild, sweet flavor.


IRLOOM. Dating back to 1885, Burpee Seeds calls it the heirloom tomato standard and clains it wins most taste tests. One taste and you'll be enchanted by its superb flavor and luscious shade of red-pink. The large, beefsteak-shaped fruits grow on unusually upright, potato-leaved plants. The fruits set one or two per cluster and ripen late-and are worth the wait. Brandywine's qualities really shine when it develops an incredible fine, sweet flavor.

Better Boy

72 days. Huge, tasty, bright red tomatoes, many 1 lb. each. Fruits are borne in abundance starting midseason and continuing to frost. Good foliage protection prevents sun scald. Better Boy is highly adaptable and thrives in most climates and has very good disease resistance.


50 days. So quick, so generous, and so delicious! Fantastico is a determinate (meaning it sets its crop all at once), super-compact grape tomato just right for 18-inch hanging baskets, large containers, and the vegetable garden. Its fruit ripens in no time, harvests easily on big clusters hanging around the outside of the plant, tolerates late blight, and has a rich, tangy tomato bite.

End of list of tomatoes at flora gardens (updated 2020.05.10 Mothers Day).